About Us

If you love old movies, you will love Classic Cinema Dvds.  Our online store specializes in providing rare and  hard to find classic films on dvd.  The store features a wide range of movie titles, from the early 1930s until the 1970s.  You might  hear  people refer to that time period as the golden age of Hollywood.  A time period when Hollywood  was at its peak and at its very best, when movies were made glorious black and white and  in glorious technicolor.  Lofty but well deserving language when describing Hollywood movies made during that era.  Classic old movies that have withstood the test of time  to be considered classic by today’s standards .

You will find our site easy to navigate, as films are sorted by genre and title.  We are constantly adding new movie titles to our store.  If you desire a complete movie list from our collection, feel free to contact us.   We will supply you a complete list.  Simply scroll to the bottom of our home page and click on contact us.  An email address will be provided.